"It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us."...Jackie Mutcheson, Teacher
"It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us."...Jackie Mutcheson, Teacher 

Our Patients

Our services are available to Orange County residents who do not have  health care coverage  or are underinsured (they do not have  Medicaid, Medicare or other)...New patients are being registered each week. Patients seen by our nurse practitioners and volunteer physicians  are low income (based on federal poverty guidelines) uninsured and underinsured.  


The role of the Orange County Free Clinic as a health safety net, continues to be vitally important to the community. 


Patients coming to OCFC range from those with routine primary healthcare to those suffering from multiple chronic diseases and illnesses.  The three most diagnosed chronic conditions at the Orange County Free Clinic are hypertension, diabetes and depression.   Chronically ill patients require managed individual care through a team of healthcare providers. Through our Chronic Care Management Program  we provide the level of service needed to improve outcomes, support wellness, and enhance quality of life for these patients. 


Income  eligibility guidelines apply. Please note, if you have Medicaid or other insurance, you are not eligible for Clinic Services. Please call the Clinic to speak with an enrollment specialist first and for updated eligibility information.  Call to schedule an appointment! 




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