"It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us."...Jackie Mutcheson, Teacher
"It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us."...Jackie Mutcheson, Teacher 

Serving all of Orange County, VA 

Orange County Free Clinic

Community Based Health Care for Those in Need

Hartland College Choir - May 18,2024 at Christ Episcopal Church in Gordonsville Benefits the Orange County Free Clinic!! Thank you! 





Gala and Fundraiser - April 20, 2024 

The Pavilion on Lakeland Farm

It was a great evening! Thank you to all who came out on a really busy weekend!  ...Hope Blooms in so many ways! Pictures on events page!!

















Communtiy Health Worker: Helping with much more than medical needs! Our Certified Health Worker is trained in accessing needs and finding resources for various concerns such as help with job training and workshops, unemployment, food, other community resources and  more! 

This position is so critical to the care of patients that the VA Dept of Health funded the position for two years in 2021 so that OCFC and other Free Clinics in Virginia, could give patients access to this valuable service. 



Orange County Free Clinic earns a 2023 Gold rating from the NAFCC Quality Standards Program- 

These standards allow us to showcase the quality care provided to our patients...and provides assurance to our community that gifts and donations are going to a qualified and well-oiled organization. 

The National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics formalized a set of "quality standards" for members! These standards include policies and procedures related tothe following areas: Administrative,Clinic/Pharmacy responsibilities,credentialing and privileging systems, patient Care, and risk management systems. For more information on the NAFC, please visit  www.nafcclinics.org  

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   Hope Blooms Gala and Fundraiser -efforts like this helps to keep services going! 

Coming Together For An Important Cause



Free Health Care for Orange County Residents

Orange County Free Clinic is dedicated to the belief that everyone should have equal access to health care services. We strive for equity in healthcare! 


Clients must be residents of Orange County, medically uninsured and *under-insured and have incomes that meet household income levels at or below 300% of the federal poverty guidelines.

*Under-insured patients have insurance, but out of pocket healthcare costs and decuctibles exceed five percent of their annual income, creating a gap in services (doctor visits, prescriptions, diagnostic testing and specialists care).  

OCFC is  an important step in staying well and safe! 

                       Thank You 





Volunteers make all the difference !...Contact Administration for more information. 




Still masking up if you are showing signs of Covid ...To keep safe and healthy, the Clinic continues to maintain  safety standards to help prevent the spread of the coronovirus and varients.  Please call before coming to the Clinic, 540-672-0793 for an appointment! 


Office Schedules are as follows:  

Medical Appointments :

  • Providers are available for appointments at the clinic Monday through Thursday  9-5 p.m. 
  • Medication Pick-up: Monday through Friday 9-5 


Please take note: We are NOT a COVID-19 TEST SITE for the general public.  Please call the office for information and directions to the nearest public testing site. 540-672-0793



We are incredibly grateful for the generosity of our community, we cannot keep our doors open without you, thank you for all you do!                                                                   

Just Steps Away...The VRTC bus makes stops at the Clinic


Diabetic Supplies

Toilet Paper


Gauze Pads

Clorox or Lysol Wipes

Alcohol Preps

Exam Gloves

Office Supplies

HP Ink Cartridges (HP 88 XL & HP 952, 970 XL)


Contact Us

Orange County Free Clinic
101 C Woodmark St  Orange, VA 22960


    Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 441 Orange VA 22960


(540) 672-0793 Office

(540) 672-3531 Fax


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Hours Of Operation:

OCFC Office Hours:

Monday - Friday

9 am - 5 pm (No providers available on Friday)


Clinic Hours By Appointment:

Monday - Thursday


No Evening Clinics at this time






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